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Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Client Letters & Testimonials
Please take a minute to read some of the emails that we get from our clients. 
We would like to thank our wonderful clients for their complimentary letters and testimonials.  We truly love every pet we care for and we think of their owners as our extended family.  Animals are our passion and because we love our pets so much, we understand how much you love your pets too and our promise to you is to love and care for your pets exactly the same way we do with our own pets. 

Boarding Testimonials

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No better folks to trust your dog with than Darlene, Tom and their team! My dog Boomer was never left in a kennel and when I had to travel I was so worried about leaving Boomer but then I read about Aunt Darlene's. The setting is cage free & more importantly Darlene & Tom treated Boomer as their own. I never worried again when I had to travel.
I also had Maryann, one of the dog sitters come to the house each day to feed & let Boomer out. Maryann also treated Boomer like he was her own from day 1.
I also want to tell you how they all treated Boomer as he got older & his needs changed. He went blind & they carried him down the stairs, when he had to wear diapers they changed them no questions asked but the thing I will be grateful for forever is the day I had to put Boomer to sleep. Pam called to tell me he wasn't doing well & stayed with him until I got home & Maryann, Boomer's daily caregiver was recovering at home & she came to the house to say goodbye. While that would seem like more than anyone could ask for both Pam & Maryann then went with me to vet and said goodbye with me. These are all folks that care so give them a call you will not be disappointed!

Debbie G., Sayreville

We read a large number of excellent reviews about Aunt Darlene's pet-sitting and dog walking services, but were still nervous dropping our dog off for a two week vacation; it would be the first time we left her with anyone but family and she has some attachment issues, to put it mildly.
Any concerns we had about whether our girl would be happy at Aunt Darlene's were put to rest the minute we entered their clean, pet-friendly home for the initial meet and greet. Tom and Darlene clearly love animals and know how to care for them, but what sets them apart is their ability to put people--as well as pets--at ease. They cared for our girl as if she was part of their family, and when we picked her up two weeks later, she was happy to see us, but sad to say goodbye to Darlene and Tom and her new doggie friends.
I'm so glad all the positive reviews turned out to be accurate, and we're relieved to have found a wonderful place where we can leave our dog and know that she'll be happy, taken excellent care of, and treated like family.
These guys are truly great! We've also used their Dog Walking service and Crystle, one of their walkers, did a great job with our pet and our home.
These guys really are wonderful and I recommend them whole-heartedly.

Liam K., Old Bridge

As a first time user of Aunt Darlene's Bed and BarkFest, and Cat Sitter, my daughter and I are extremely happy with this Service. Since this was our first vacation away from home, we were very hesitant in leaving our babies in a boarding kennel. As soon as I inquired to Aunt Darlene's about the CAGE FREE environment, I was able to relax knowing Lacey and Lily (Bichons) were not confined in a cage.
They were so excited going there for the meet and greet. The Sawyers are wonderful Pet People who honestly love our babies more than just treating as a business. Their first priority is making sure that each and everyone is comfortable in their vacation bed or couch. Gino (our cat sitter) is also an extremely protective care taker. Since Sox was hiding, he searched high and low and found her under the comforter on the bed. Coco gave him a run for money since she likes to tear paper towels as her new hobby. Receiving emails and texts during vacation calmed our fears and worries. We have already recommended Aunt Darlene to several people. We know they will also be very happy with Darlene, Tom and Gino.

Amy and Melissa C.

Aunt Darlene's Pet Sitting is the best!! Very professional and cares about our pets like they are their own. We began using Aunt Darlene's a few years ago as an in-home pet sitting option for our cats while on vacation. Darlene and Crystle (our pet sitter) came over to visit our home, go over where everything was and meet the cats before-hand. We've used them 4-5 times already and, each time, Crystle does an excellent job taking care of our cats. If you are looking for a pet sitter, try them out!

Jillian G., Milltown

Darlene and Tom have been caring for our pets for years. They treat our three big dogs as if they were their own babies. My husband and I work long hours and wouldn￿t be able to have our rescues if it weren￿t for Darlene and/or Tom coming in every day to play, treat and check on our pups. They don￿t even flinch when our elderly shepherd has an accident. Darlene and Tom are very vigilant when it comes to the pups and alert us to any lump, bump or behavior change that they observe. This makes continuity of care possible.
In addition to caring for our dogs, they keep our chaotic lives in a semblance of calm as they check on the pool, mail and even the tomato plants!
I have never hesitated to recommend Darlene and Tom to our friends and family. Each and every person that I have recommended them to are amazed at the care that the animals receive.

Thank you again for your continued care,

Nancy & Bill, Old Bridge

Unexpectedly Perfect!

We have never used dog walkers or pet sitters before ￿ my brother always took care of our pets when we were away. Well, he recently moved, so we needed someone else. We wanted to find someone who;

1. Loves and can handle large dogs.
2. Can diagnose any problems and have the means to take the dog to the vet.

We contacted Aunt Darlene￿s Dog Walking and were able to schedule an evaluation at our house at a time convenient to us (very late at night!) - Darlene and Crystle accommodated our challenging work schedules. My husband and I were impressed by how friendly and professionally the evaluation went. Our dog, a hyper 6 year old 85 lb boxer, ran into the kitchen, jumped up and down, and was immediately the center of attention. The price was very reasonable, contact information and care directions were exchanged, and we hired them to take care of our dog for a week.
Not only did Crystle call us that week just to let us know everything was ok, she offered to buy more food for the dog, she fed our turtles, and brought our mail in. When we came back, the house was spotless, and there was a very long and detailed note describing how each day went: how he behaved during each visit, how they played (inside and outside), what Romby ate, how much he drank, what treats were given, how often he went to the bathroom, etc., etc., etc.
I am a perfectionist by nature (aka a control freak), and I could not be happier with how our dog was treated, how much time, love, and attention he was given. We are so glad we found someone who is trustworthy and reliable! We even gave them our house keys for any unexpected dog walking requests.

Thank you for all you do!
Julia L, East Brunswick

Darlene has been our loyal pet sitter for the last five years and I must say that sitting our pets is no easy task. We have a turtle, a bird and two rambunctious large dogs. Without fail rain or shine Darlene makes all her appointments. She has done everything from playing/watching with the dogs to shoveling snow so we could get back to the house after vacation. Believe it or not these are not the things that compelled me to write on her behalf.

One of our dogs, Lilu who is a five year old pit mix has come down ill. Lilu has been diagnosed with a stage two mast cell tumor, in short cancer. We plan on doing everything that we can to get Lilu better but even with Lilu's illness life goes on. Recently we had to go on a trip so of course I called Darlene to dog sit. Normally things go without a hitch but this time there were problems. One of the meds that Lilu must take makes her very thirsty and of course this means that Lilu needs to pee a lot more. Twice while we were away Lilu couldn't hold it and she let go all over the living room floor. This wasn't your normal mess either, the excessive water intake made for a tremendous mess. Many other dog sitters may have said no way and left the mess or simply tossed down some newspaper and bailed out on a unpleasant situation but not Darlene. She called me right away, she didn't call to complain she called to make sure that Lilu was ok. Her concern was that Lilu may have lost bladder control due to her illness. Darlene was ready to take Lilu for emergency care. I explained that I think Lilu is ok and that the additional intake of water has caused the mess. Darlene didn't even flinch, all she did was ask where the additional towels were so she could clean up the mess. This didn't happen once it happened twice.
Darlene never balked at the situation all she did was make room in her schedule to drop by the house an additional two more times. She did this because she has a good heart and true love of animals. It's no surprise that both of our dogs love her dearly. Darlene shows love to our dogs (and turtles and birds) and professionalism to her clients.

My wife and I do need to travel a lot and with Darlene as our pet sitter we feel confident that everything is well taken care of even when things don't go as planned.

There was even a time a couple of years ago when we locked ourselves out of the house. I called Darlene (who has a key to the house) she dropped everything she was doing and got us in our house.

There's a saying in business that anyone can do a task or sell a product but if you want to be successful you need to be able to come through with service. Darlene is the true definition of that business model.
She's trustworthy and dedicated. She runs her business with her heart and in this particular line of work that's the key to success.
Darlene has my family's 100% trust and gratitude.

Larry & Barbara M., Old Bridge

I have been using Aunt Darlene's Pet Sitting Service for a little over a year now and I can say they are amazing!! I have three Akitas and they love Darlene and Tom. They take excellent care of them - and even go the extra mile to take in my mail and clean muddy paws on days it is raining even though they don't have to.. they do it because they love animals.  You can tell the minute you meet them how much they are animal lovers.  I trust them with my 3 precious babies and I also trust them coming into my home.  I would be lost without them - I depend on them and so do my puppies.  My 3 Akitas have never been so happy since the day we signed them on.  They behave better and go straight in the kennel in the morning. it is the best money I've ever spent by having them come into my life and my home.  I would recommend them to anyone who works all day and wants their dogs to be let out and taken care of.  They are my life savior and handling 3 Akitas is no joke.. it's a tough job - and they have done the most outstanding job raising them with me since they were 9 months old.

Tiffany T., Monroe


Just of note of thanks to Aunt Darlene￿s and specifically Crystle, who took such great care of our ￿boys￿,  Shea and Teagan while on vacation last week.

Her coordinated efforts with my Mom were truly professional and second to none.  Marie checked in with her twice during the week for updates and things were great.  Crystle has shown the patience to learn the nuances of our boys and work with them.

I can￿t begin to tell you what a relief for us not to have to worry about them while we￿re away.  It allows us to enjoy our vacation that much more, knowing the boys are being well taken care of. 

Please pass along to Crystle.  She is the best!

John W., Milltown

PS ￿ With Crystle￿s permission, can you send me her address as we￿d like to send  her a card of thanks, directly.

If you have friends or relatives watch your beloved pets when you're away but you just don't feel completely comfortable they can or will handle it or you don't want to impose on them any more, you should give Aunt Darlene a call.

We've had "Aunt" Darlene watch our 2 cats while we're on vacation a few times. We are extremely satisfied with her service. She always goes above and beyond for us and our pets. We've joked with people that we're not sure who's happier when Darlene watches our cats, us for the peace of mind we receive or our little fuzz-balls for all the attention they get when we're NOT home! We view having Darlene watch our pets as a treat for them.

Douglas F., Matawan

This is a testimonial that comes from the heart.
My dogs are my babies - they can be spoiled brats at times, but they are truly bundles of unconditional love. Usually, we have a friend take care of our animals when we go away. Last year, our plans were changed and we could not find anyone to overlap a 2 day period of time. My groomer recommended Aunt Darlene....boy were we so glad she did...We used Aunt Darlene's for the 2 days we needed her, on a holiday week no less, and she came through for us. Her service was impeccable - my babies were well taken care of and were extremely happy upon our return home.
I didn't write a testimonial last year, because I, quite honestly, didn't think of it. However, this year my whole family was going away for the weekend, I remembered the exquisite service we had received from Aunt Darlene last year and called her. We arranged for our meeting and to give her the key - we were so very pleasantly surprised when we arrived home. My babies were so well taken care of that I don't think they even missed us!! Darlene went above and beyond - not only were they VERY loved, but their dishes were washed and shiny, the floor had been cleaned and we had a wonderful note from Darlene letting us know that they had all been well behaved. We called Darlene to thank her so very much and let her know that we were so very thankful that we had someone who understood and loved our dogs just as we do. Darlene and her husband are truly exceptional people, and the world of pets needing care when their owners are away or just stuck, is truly a better place because of them. I could go on and on about Darlene and her services but I think that I have made my point!!

Diane & Pete A.- South River

Hi Darlene

You already have some great testimonials on your site but I am happy to add mine.

Also, I wasn￿t sure if you would be interested in this link, but am sending it along anyway. It is a sponsored website for animal rescue (and a few other causes) and just by clicking on it, you are contributing. I try and click every day. Anyway, here it is

And here is my testimonial:
I can not say enough about Aunt Darlene. She sat for our kitty cat Callie twice so far, and took such good care of her ￿ I think Callie missed Darlene when I returned!
Darlene not only fed Callie, and cleaned the litter box, and swept up the kitchen floor, she spent time petting her and brushing her fur every day. There was a snowstorm while I was away on vacation, and Darlene even shoveled the walkway to the front door!
To anyone looking for someone caring and reliable to sit for their pet while they are away, I would highly recommend Darlene and her service.

Janet H., East Brunswick

I highly recommend Aunt Darlene's Pet Sitting Service. This is the first time that we used a pet sitting service and Darlene did an excellent job with both of our dog's.  She went beyond what we expected. When we arrived home both of our dogs were very happy and content.  We will definitely continue using Darlene's services.  I know that if I had left my dogs in a kennel they would not have received the love and attention that Darlene gave them.

Thank you Darlene for the exceptional service that you provided for our animals.

Don and Joyce C., No. Brunswick

After Darlene came over for the consultation visit, I was completely secure in the the fact that my cats and my home would be in good hands while I was away. When I returned from my vacation I was in awe! My cats were happy & healthy (it was as if they hardly missed me!) and my house was beyond perfect. It was almost as if i never left...except for the fact that the mail was neatly sorted, the unexpected packages I received were neatly stacked in the foyer, the cat litter was TOTALLY clean and my trash can had been emptied... I ended up extending my vacation for a day and at a moments notice Darlene was able to come over, pick up extra cat food and take care of my cats...Aunt Darlene's is wonderful...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

Ilsa Q., East Brunswick

Thank you for an outstanding job.  Upon my return I found my floor spotless, the deck well-scrubbed; and most of all my dogs, Mandy and Benny, happy!

Special thanks to Maryann, our pet sitter for the week, for all she has done to fill the void with Mandy and Benny while we were gone!  My daughter said she was "wonderful" with the dogs and the nicest person too!  

In the future I will feel a lot better knowing that I can depend on you rather than a kennel when vacations come along.

Aunt Darlene￿s services come highly recommended.

Debbie S., Matawan

I would highly recommend Darlene and her pet sitting service. This was our first time using such a service and we were very apprehensive of our cats being taken care of by a stranger. But after our initial consultation with Darlene we knew right away that we had nothing to worry about. She was very professional, friendly and thorough in going over everything with us and she took notes on things we said specific to our 2 cats. The biggest selling point was how Peepers and Tabby came right up to her with no hesitation. That is very unusual for both of them because they have a tendency to hide when anyone other than us enters our home.
She kept in contact with us over our vacation and also went above and beyond what we expected. We came home to a vacuumed house which was a very pleasant surprise and 2 very happy cats.
I will definitely be looking to use her services in the future and will recommend her to anyone who asks.

Pat B., Woodbridge

Boarding Testimonials

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