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Darlene's positive attitude toward the wellbeing of animals became obvious as soon as she walked in my door, and after my first experience with Darlene, I recognized her natural ability to not only keep my pets healthy, but form healthy relationships with them as well. No matter how far I travel with my kids, I am always assured of my pet's safety under her care. Also, Darlene's homecoming note never fails to put a smile on my face!

Lauren Z., Manalapan

We have been using Aunt Darlene's pet sitting service for almost a year and are completely satisfied with the superior way Darlene conducts herself and her business. We love our two cats and were apprehensive about leaving them in the care of a stranger. By the end of our initial interview Darlene established herself not only as a friend to our two cats but to our family.  We are as comfortable leaving our pets with Darlene as we would be with a family member. Both Kringle and Maude took an instant liking to her and that is very rare for Maude who usually hides when someone new come in the house. Kringle has a thyroid condition and requires medication every day and is sometimes hard to feed. Darlene is patient and caring and has been able to coax him to eat and take his medication.  We have become spoiled by Darlene's service: she follows up with phone calls, leaves detailed notes and is even willing to water our plants as needed. She has given us independence to travel without guilt and in the security of knowing that our loved ones are in the best care possible. We highly recommend using Aunt Darlene's Pet Sitting Service. 

Nancy & Lee S., Marlboro

I highly recommend Darlene and her petting sitting service to anyone considering hiring a sitter, especially if you have never used a pet sitting service before.  Last year, my family and I had planned a wonderful summer vacation.  We have four wonderful cats and I did not want to put them in a boarding facility.  After contacting several sitters in my area, I met with Darlene.  I was immediately impressed with her.  She was organized, friendly, answered all of my questions (I had a lot)  and seemed genuinely fond of animals.  She met my cat family, and I felt confident that she was the right choice. 

Darlene Sawyer provided professional pet sitting and more. In addition to being a devoted cat lover, I am an avid gardener. While we were away, Darlene watered all the plants on my deck (I have a lot of those too).  My plants looked wonderful when I returned, thanks to Darlene.  She even adjusted my sometimes temperamental air conditioner so that the house would remain at the right temperature during our absence. 

If you are considering hiring a pet sitter, then I suggest you give Darlene Sawyer a call.

I was very satisfied with her service and plan to use her whenever we require a sitter. 

Vivian L.,  Old Bridge

I highly recommend Darlene to anyone searching for someone to come take wonderful care of their beloved pets while they are away. I recently went on vacation for a week and utilized Darlene's services and I am so pleased I did! I am extremely attached to my cat Pumpkin and had never left her alone for an extended period of time. She is very sweet and playful and loves constant attention, and I was so nervous at the thought of her being by herself for so many days.

When I met Darlene for our initial consultation meeting, I knew she was the perfect person to take care of her. She was very affectionate with Pumpkin and I could see that Pumpkin trusted and liked her right away. Darlene was very thorough & conscientious about taking notes on everything that needed to be done while I was away. She called me before I left to reassure me my kitty would be in good care, and even spoke with my family while I was away to confirm everything was fine. I came home to a very content and happy cat and a very nice note from Darlene with a full progress report from the week. I am extremely pleased with Darlene's pet sitting services and would trust her again in a heartbeat to take care of my pet!

Maura R., Franklin Park

Darlene gives me peace of mind and comfort knowing that my precious English Bulldog, Mathilda, is in good hands. Darlene takes Mathilda for daily walks while I am at work and then plays with her afterwards. I love the notes that Darlene leaves for me letting me know how Mathilda behaved and what they did that day. Darlene is reliable, trustworthy and considerate. She has taken the initiative to do a few extra nice things for me such as bring in my mail even though I did not ask her to do so. If you're like me and you are very concerned with finding the right person in whom to entrust your beloved pet, then you should definitely give Darlene a call.

Remy Q., Metuchen

Darlene has been walking my dogs since August of 2003.  The dogs are always happy to see her and are very responsive to her commands.  She gives them a good walk for about 15 minutes each.  Darlene is also very reliable and responsible and always shows up on time.  If she is running a few minutes late she always calls to let me know.   Darlene is also very friendly and outgoing to the pets and their owners. She takes great care of my dogs and I would definitely recommend Darlene to anyone who is looking for a caring pet sitter or dog walker.

Peg L., East Brunswick

I have a large dog that is very hard to handle.  Thanks to Darlene, I finally have someone that is able to walk him.  Darlene is a true animal lover and really seems to enjoy being around them. 

Gail F., Old Bridge

This is the first time I have hired Darlene's pet sitting services.  I have 5 cats that are not comfortable around strangers.  One of my cats is handicapped.  A few days before leaving them in the care of Darlene, the handicapped cat had a problem, which required a very slight change in the care while we were gone.  I also have 2 fish tanks which initially were not part of the services required by Darlene.  However, the fish also got sick and required medicine which she agreed to at the last minute.  I was extremely thrilled the fish was alive when we returned.  I really did not expect it to be because of the shape it was in. Darlene left me daily notes on what she did while visiting, she also provided a few extras (like vacuuming the floor of litter) which I didn't expect.  I will definitely use Darlene's services again, with no hesitation.

Paula S., South River

Hi Darlene,

I wanted to say thank you for watching my girls [kittens] for me.  Spook and Boo look so healthy and happy.  They must've loved your company.
I could say that I rescued them from that farm, but I didn't really.  I wouldn't have been able to if not for you.  They might've died while I was on the cruise.  You're the real rescuer.  I'm sure that Spook and Boo enjoyed your company while we were away.  When I come into the room they look at me as if to say, "Who are you?  Where did the other person go?"  And, while it would sadden any owner to see that look, I'm glad because I know I couldn't have picked a better person to watch them.  Thank you so, so much for watching them.

Sari R., East Brunswick

Darlene Sawyer can be expected to provide pet sitting and walking services of the highest quality, simply because she is a true professional. My wife and I recently had that first need to have Scotty, our pet one year-old cocker spaniel watched while we were away for three weeks.

I chose Aunt Darlene not only because of her great track record, but because she agreed to a quick interview and displayed an outstanding amount of love and affection toward Scotty when they first met. She also showed a deep understanding of all the nuances involved in dealing with animals - and we loved her open and caring personality. In addition, her web site gave me an added good feeling that she was the one to select.

We were right. Darlene handled a sometimes difficult dog with great attention to healthy care through regular feeding and cleaning, walked him twice a day and even managed to teach a young dog some old tricks.  Darlene also added the tremendous touches of bringing in my mail and watering our flowers while we were gone, with perfect results.

My wife and I (and our demanding daughter Vanessa) will always remember Darlene's great job walking and sitting Scotty. It was so well handled, she even left a daily journal of her activities at our house. We will not hesitate to call upon her - and only her for our pet sitting needs again. While others hesitated to respond, she appeared at our home immediately, and delivered as promised. Hail Darlene.


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Aunt Darlene's Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Service, LLC
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Aunt Darlene's Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Service, LLC
22 Sherwood Lane, Old Bridge, NJ 08857
Phone: 732-254-1980

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