What Does A Pet Pet Sitter Do?

What is a Pet Sitter?

What is a Pet Sitter, dog walkerA pet sitter may also be called a dog sitter, or a cat sitter is someone who will come to your home when you are away, to care for your pets. When someone owns dogs, they usually need two to four visits from their pet sitter per day, depending on the age and size of the dogs. Pets like cats, rabbits, fish, birds, etc.. can usually be cared for in only one visit per day.

A sitter will do several things for your pet and your home while you are away. They give your pets food, water and treats if you want them to. If you have dogs that need to be walked, they get a walk for about 20 minutes (weather permitting), or they can be let out back to relieve themselves and for some playtime, or if the weather is bad they get some cuddle time and belly rubs.

For the other pets, they always get fresh food and water and a clean litter box. If the pet is affectionate we give them love and affection, if not, we take care of our tasks and try to keep them company for the rest of the visit.

On every visit, we bring in your mail and flyers so they don't pile up in your mailbox or driveway. We take in trash cans and recycle cans, and alternate lighting for security to make it look like you are home. We also clean food and water bowls and your pet's feeding area. We try to leave your home looking as good or better than when you left. We take an enormous amount of pride in our work.

When choosing the person of service that you want to care for your pets, it's imp[ortant to take some precautions. You should do some research on the person or company that you are considering to watch your pets. Read reviews online and if they don't have any, ask for references. If you are like most people these days, pets are more than just an animal, they are members of the family and should be cared for accordingly. If the person that you are considering to watch your pets makes you feel uneasy, choose someone else. If you wouldn't let this person or agency watch your children, choose someone else. Your pets are fragile, dependent little living creatures and need proper care, especially when you are away from them. If you can't see and feel the love coming from the sitter to your pets, choose someone else. Never take chances when it comes to your precious little fur babies!

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