Pet Sitters

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pet sittersPet Sitters - Someone stops by 2 to 3 times a day to care for your pets while you are away on business or vacation. If you have Dogs the visit consists of a walk, or let the dogs out during each visit, giving them fresh food and water and a treat, or whatever you prefer.

If you have Cats we feed them and change their water, clean their litter boxes and dispose of the litter outside, give them fresh water and a treat, or whatever you prefer.

On every Pet Sitting or Dog Walking visit, we bring in your mail, newspapers, and flyers in your driveway.
We bring in your empty garbage and recycle cans and we alternate lighting to make it look like somebody's home for security reasons. We always clean up after every pet on every visit. All included in the price of a visit.

Aunt Darlene's Pet Sitters

We service select towns in Middlesex County NJ